There’s nothing like money tattoos for men to flaunt one’s success and wealth. Or perhaps you just like dreaming about what it would be like to be rich and a good money bag tattoo is the perfect motivation to chase your dreams. Could it be you just like gambling or maybe you’re a Monopoly Man fan? Honestly, there are too many reasons for getting money tattoos that we couldn’t possibly list them all.

Whatever your reason for getting a money tattoo design, your tattoo is sure to be flashy and demonstrate your appreciation of wealth. From money and dollar sign tattoos to blatantly tattooing stacks of money, there’s a sick money tattoo idea that will be right for you!

Money Tattoo Sleeve For Guys

What Do Money Tattoos Mean?

Money makes the world go round and it even buys happiness for many. But what does this mean when it comes to money tattoos for men? It pretty much means whatever you want them to. Money is considered a symbol of power, wealth, greed, success, or luck in the real world. For some it can represent a history worth preserving.

Money Flower Tattoo For Men

Money Bags Tattoo

Getting tattoos about money can be about so much more. The old fashioned money bag tattoo can represent your passion for old cartoons or your fascination with bank robbers. It can also do both for guys who still remember the golden age of comic books.

Playing Cards Money Tattoo

Money motivated tattoos of cards or dice are often seen on professional poker players, and with good reason. Their whole lives revolve around cards and money. The great thing about money tattoos for men is that they can easily be incorporated into designs that represent more than the obvious.

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Cool Money Tattoos

Historical Figures – Benjamin Franklin Tattoo

Dollar bills can be inked with the intent of bringing homage to your favorite dead presidents, even if you only like Benjamin Franklin on the front of a bill. Not only that but if you’re an avid coin collector then you’ll really enjoy tattooing some rare pieces on your body just as much as spending thousands of dollars on out-of-circulation money.

Benjamin Franklin Tattoo Ideas

Best Places To Get Money Tattoos

Money Arm Tattoos

If you want to show off your tattoos, then your arms have plenty of space and they’re always in plain sight. From the almighty dollar sign to the classic money bag, there’s no money tattoo designs that won’t fit. Consider getting a money tattoo sleeve if you have a significant amount of artwork you’d like done.

Money Power Respect Tattoo F

Money Hand Tattoos

Another ‘in your face’ location, the back of your hands are great places to get any tattoos done. They’re even better for money tattoos because they can be quite distracting, if that’s what you’re going for.

Money Wrist Tattoos

Wrists seem like an odd place to get inked with a dead president. Unless you’re trying to be ostentatious, this is a great spot for your choice of money symbolism. For some it can look as aggressive as you want and for others less threatening, if you want to maintain a balance.

Money Tattoo Designs

Money Neck Tattoos

There’s enough room for detail when it comes to tattooing money on the neck. If you don’t care about the size (and why would you when you have all that cash to show), then the neck makes for an interesting tattoo location.

Money Chest Tattoos

The reason why you would want to use the chest instead of the back is because let’s face it, you want to see people’s reaction when they see how much money is printed on your skin. Since you can’t enjoy this with your back turned, the chest offers a superior location for money tattoo designs.

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Historical Figure Money Tattoos

Cool Money Tattoo Ideas

Below you’ll find some of the best representations of money tattoos inked on bodies all around the world!

Money Roll Tattoo Design

Money Tattoo Ideas For Men

Money Sign Tattoo

Money Tattoo Ideas

Monopoly Man Tattoo

Money Hand Tattoo

Cash Tattoo Designs

Dollar Sign Tattoo

Money Bag Tattoo

Money Is Power Chest Tattoo

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