Dove tattoos are often used to portray peace, freedom, and purity. And while you may be thinking that white doves aren’t the most typical bird tattoo for men, the symbolism behind dove tattoo designs is one that transcends gender lines. As you’ll see, the dove is a bird with a very clear representation that is almost impossible to confuse anywhere in the world.

And like many other bird tattoos, getting a dove chest tattoo is one hell of a way to get inked. Not only that, but getting a dove tattoo sleeve with other elements such as a rose, clouds, or cross is a really popular option. However, even a simple dove tattoo will make you stand out if the artwork is unique and awesome.

Whether you want ideas for your arm, forearm, chest, back, neck, wrist, sleeve, or shoulder, here are the best dove tattoos!

Dove Tattoo Designs For Guys

Men’s Dove Tattoo Meaning

Doves weren’t always a symbol of peace and tranquility. In ancient times the white dove meaning was associated with the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war. Even the ancient Greeks viewed the dove as a sacred bird that was a symbol of Aphrodite.

Dove Tattoos For Men

For a long time after that, the bird was mostly associated with peace in both Judaism and Christianity. In modern times the dove symbolizes pacifism above all else – even the dove on the crest of the Royal Air Force Tactical Communication Wing; it is used because of its relation to the pigeon and represents the motto “We Speak Everywhere.”

Even though the dove can be seen on the crest of a military unit, it rarely symbolizes anything other than peace anymore. Occasionally, depending on the culture, dove tattoos for guys can also be indicative of a loving and nurturing character.

Best Dove Tattoo Ideas

Since the dove only stands for one thing really, its location on your body doesn’t matter. That being said, here are some of the best places you can tattoo a dove on to make it stand out.

Dove Back Tattoo

The back offers a lot of room to work with and in the case of dove tattoo designs, this is a great thing. The artist has more space to incorporate other details or create elaborate scenes where the dove maybe has a small role. If you want to represent a scene from your life or commemorate some historical events that can relate to the pacifism of doves, then a dove back tattoo might be what you want.

Dove Back Tattoo For Guys

Dove Arm Tattoo

Dove tattoos on the arm and hands go hand-in-hand, so to speak. If you’re inking the symbol of peace on your body, then you probably want people to see it. Unless you plan on inking your forehead, the hands are the body part people will most see. If you’re an ex-member of the Royal Air Force, then you probably already have a dove tattoo on your bicep. For more complex designs on the arm, consider getting a dove tattoo sleeve to include other imagery.

Dove And Rose Tattoo

Dove Chest Tattoo

Dove chest tattoos often times encompass a flying dove with open wings to span the entire chest. Some other examples of dove tattoos on the chest include the biblical olive branch scene or throwbacks to Greek mythology. Keep in mind that love is not as much associated with doves in modern times.

Dove Chest Tattoo

Dove Shoulder Tattoo

A dove shoulder tattoo is the perfect place to get an awesome small dove inked. You can even get your shoulder tattoo extended into your back, chest and arm for a bigger piece of artwork that includes a dove.

Dove Shoulder Tattoo For Guys

Dove Wrist Tattoo

If you’re browsing dove tattoo designs, you might want to consider getting them on your wrist. Because of the peaceful nature of the bird, it would be ideal to get a small dove wrist tattoo. There’s no better place for a small tattoo that is also in plain sight.

Dove Hand Tattoos

Dove Neck Tattoo

Wings, birds, letters, and spider webs are all popular choices these days but dove tattoos on the neck look much less threatening. Truth be told, not everyone appreciates tattoos in certain places. If you are worried that it might impact your social life, go with a symbol of peace in a visible spot. The dove neck tattoo is the ultimate representation of peace and serenity.

Dove Neck Tattoo

Dove Leg Tattoo

Any bird looks great tattooed on legs and the dove is no exception. If you want unique dove tattoos for guys that depict the bird in motion, maybe even in 3D, the leg provide a perfectly shaped canvas for that. For a timeless look, consider the dove leg tattoo.

Cool Dove Tattoo Designs

Here are the coolest dove tattoo designs for guys in 2018.

White Dove Tattoo

Dove Bird Tattoo

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Dove Forearm Tattoo

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