Cloud tattoos for men can often be seen on chests and backs but generally aren’t the cornerstone of the artwork. Combined with sun rays, stars, airplanes, birds,  lighthouses, storms, and other symbols, clouds can play a pivotal role in depicting some intense tattoo designs. Cloud tattoo sleeves and half sleeves are a popular option where the clouds create some really cool texture along the arm.

It’s quite interesting how much meaning clouds can hold in some cultures and belief systems. Don’t be surprised if sometimes they are the main focus of a drawing and everything else is added just for effects.

Cloud Tattoo Sleeve

What Do Cloud Tattoos Mean?

Traditional Clouds

These cloud tattoo designs for men are typically indicative of faith. As clouds are commonly associated with the heavens, a cloud tattoo can very well reflect a man’s belief in a higher power. This is amplified when the drawing also includes a Biblical verse.

Sun Rays With Clouds Tattoo

Clouds In Asian Culture

Clouds have deeper meaning in Asian culture. They can represent change or a transformation of character. The symbolism also relates to the air and water as elements, which is why sometimes clouds can be considered indicators of a good balance between wisdom and emotion.

Given the many superstitions of Asian culture, clouds can also be symbols of misfortune. This happens if the cloud tattoo design contains lightning or rain.

Clouds In Tarot

The presence of clouds in tarot still carries the symbolism of wisdom and intellect. A new meaning is introduced through mystery and a sense of wonderment. If you’re going for an enigmatic symbol, cloud tattoos for men that hint towards tarot cards are an excellent choice.

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Cloud Tattoos For Men

Best Places to Get Cloud Tattoos

Clouds aren’t too tricky to place but there certainly are body parts that do them more justice than others. You should consider the amount of detail you would want and also keep in mind how wavy clouds look.

Cloud Chest Tattoos

A cloud chest tattoo is always a good choice if the meaning behind the clouds suits you. The chest offers a large canvas for complex designs. You can ink the clouds in color, add quotes to the drawing, and even represent different times of day or weather.

Cloud Shoulder Tattoos

The natural roundness of the clouds makes shoulder cloud tattoos look amazing every time. While there’s not a lot of room to work with unless you’re a very big guy, given the proximity to the back and the chest, the opportunity to extend the cloud tattoo design is always nice to have.

Sun Rays Tattoo

Cloud Arm Tattoos

Getting cloud tattoos on arms is quite popular even though the artists would have to work with limited space. The simple fact that the tattoos are very visible makes it worthwhile for many men. Consider a sleeve or half sleeve if you have significant artwork you’d like to get inked.

Cloud Tattoos Half Sleeve For Men

Cloud Back Tattoos

The back is often used for very complex drawings that are packed with detail. Large-scale cloud tattoos on the back are common but they don’t always have the clouds as the centerpiece of the design. You can, however, use the clouds to reinforce another theme such as faith, mystery, or the strength to move on. Clouds are also used in memorial tattoos quite often so having them hover above a RIP tattoo is not a bad idea.

Storm Cloud Tattoo

Cool Cloud Tattoo Ideas

Check out the coolest cloud tattoo ideas for designs and artwork you’ll love!

Cool Cloud Tattoos For Men

Birds And Clouds Tattoo Design

Cloud Tattoo Designs For Men

Cloud Tattoo Drawing For Men

Cloud Tattoo Ideas For Men

Forearm Cloud Tattoos

Cool Cloud Tattoo Ideas

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